Making PC boards as a hobby

Making hobbyist PC boards:


Your method and choice of tools will probably depend whether you’re a hobbyist or professional doing it as part of your job.


Here is a thought for the hobbyists


Maybe your interest in electronics has been sparked by looking at the inside of a computer, radio or just any of the multitudes electronic devices around us. You only want to try and assemble your own pc board for the experience and great looking result in your project.


Being an electronics enthusiast or hobbyist, you can make your own low cost PCBs (printed circuit boards) by using a laser printer which prints your desired pattern. The trick is to use the correct paper type and to transfer it onto a copper laminated board for which you’ll need a clothes iron. An inkjet printer won’t work as you need the fused plastic particles in laser toner to stick to the copper which will resist the etching acid. You may even want to “print” the legends (component markings) onto the non-coppered side of the board using this method.

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